Clean solutions
CS-Powerfilters help to avoid this type of blockage.
This filter constitutes a quick and space saving solution that
can be installed between coolant pump and tool changer –
also as a retrofit. It safely and thoroughly filters all chips
and other impurities from the cooling circle.
The interchangeable CS-Powerfilter consists of a highly
special fabric with a filter area of 140.000 mm .
A filtration range from 5 to 100µ can be achieved.
The standard filter already ensures a fineness of 30µ.
For excessive chip generations a duo bag can be used.
It is made of an inner filter of 100µ and an outer filter
of 30µ, which protects the bag from mechanical
In spite of the filter, the loss of pressure of a 5 bar
Powered coolant pump with built-in filter only 0,1 bar.


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